Harmonicmarket review

Hi, again. Today I am continuing a series of fresh reviews of more hyip programs from portfolio. The next review will refer to one more low ROI program which has much in common with previously reviewed Forexnetclub when it comes down to how much profit you are going to get in the end. Today I am talking about Harmonicmarket Before I start I’d like to mention that this program is a newcomer since it has been running for only a little longer than 1 month so far. With what these guys MyEcon review? (you are about to learn further) I still consider Harmonicmarket a new player on the hyip arena if everything goes smooth an no extra problems take place this one has pretty good chances to keep balance and sustain profits for quite a long time.

As we have just got started from ROI I’ll bring this on first. Harmonicmarket represents a block system where instead of making regular deposits you have to purchase a certain amount of blocks of different value. Here go the details. There are 3 blocks of $25, $500 and $3000 value and for each of them you will be paid 3.7% daily, 4.4% and 5.1% daily profit consequently for 30 calendar days. To make the whole thing more simple TaskRabbit Review I’ll provide an example: just imagine you want to deposit $725 so the most profitable block combination would be 1 B block and 9 A blocks. Of course you could just go and buy 29 A blocks but this is not going to the most profitable combination because B blocks goes with higher interest. I think that’s clear, moreover if you ever happened to manage investment portfolio you will definitely find it much similar. BTW the same blocks are available both in EUR and USD for members’ convenience.

Another important thing about Harmonicmarket is that the daily profit is paid out to your e-currency account automatically so you don’t really

have to deal with withdrawal requests. Don’t forget also that there is a compounding option and should you want to have payouts processed directly to your Libertyreserve account just make sure you set it less than 100% in your investment management panel inside the backoffice.

What else is worth mentioning is that not only doesHarmonicmarket have a live chat option but there is a forum with most frequently discussed topics where registered members are free to exchange information.

I forgot to mention their SSL protocol, BlockDoS protection and a custom made script, no surprise that would have been a hard job to implement Is HealthyWage Legit – Stealth Secrets their sophisticated block system with Goldcoders or something, lol And BTW the admin Paul is a nice talkative guy who will be there  to help you should you need it.

All in all I am very positive about Harmonicmarket and all we all usually can hope for it can last as long as possible, especially since it was developed to run long.

Let’s now get to some other news and updates for today. It appears that this Thursday is going to be even wilder than all the rest “wild wednesdays” in  Underwatersurf which now seems to have gone. The official note is Inboxdollars Review that the site was hacked. My personal opinion and speculation is that it was very unlikely. Whichever you choose this is not going to change anything for good to my and your regret. Of course there is nothing we can do about that other than sit back and rev vs transcribeme watch how Carlos is going to handle all that.